Violations Of The Playstation Network Terms Of Service And User Agreement

SIE Inc. may offer you the ability to purchase, order or download subscriptions that offer access to certain products or services for a certain period of time. Subscriptions are automatically renewed unless you cancel the subscription. The cost of each subscription will be automatically deducted from your portfolio at the beginning of each subscription period, without notice. You can view your subscription renewal data in your account settings. Subscription terms may change due to changes in your subscription. Your information is made available to other Sony Group companies that need this information to provide you with Sony online services and companies that help us operate sony Online Services and manage your payments (. B, for example, companies that support our IT systems, provide after-sales services, conduct credit audits and monitor communications). You will comply with this privacy policy and we are responsible for the use of your data. 10.9.

All company names, products and services and logos referring to PSN are the trademarks, trade names, trademarks, service and registered trademarks or service marks (« brands ») of their respective owners. You cannot use or reproduce trademarks without the owner`s explicit written consent. You should not remove property or content labels. Some subscriptions may be product-specific or service-specific, while others may consist of several content elements, services or features that may include special, free, free, paid, exclusive or early offers, or automatic downloading of content selected by sCEA. Individual content and services within an interconnected subscription can also be sold separately as a one-time purchase or custom subscription. Subscription fees can be increased at the end of each subscription period. Each product offer with different terms of use, please read carefully the product description, cost and duration of the subscription before buying or downloading.

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