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« Agreement » refers to the agreement between the Customer and DeepL regarding the subscription and use of DeepL products in accordance with these Terms of Sale. Estas palabras se suelen usar con agreement. Pincha en una colocacién para ver mes ejemplos. Billing depends on the number of internal users for IP access. The customer is required to provide DeepL with the correct number of internal users when this agreement is reached; The customer has the right to use the products only in accordance with the laws in force. These include export control laws and regulations. Depending on which DeepL package you subscribe to, you can translate different numbers of documents per month. A preview can be found here: DeepL is not responsible for ensuring accessibility of in the customer`s IP area; « Internal users » refer to users of the customer`s access to products for the customer`s internal purposes, for example.

B the client`s staff, related company staff (in accordance with sections 15 and following), independent staff or the client`s service provider. DeepL will use the client`s training data only as part of the client`s translations and store and process it for the duration of the contract so that no unauthorized person can access it. Because the customer`s training data is processed automatically, it can be deleted at the customer`s request, but cannot be returned to the customer (DeepL does not offer a data storage service). At the end of the free trial period, the free test subscription will automatically be extended to a paid subscription for the product, as selected by the customer. The free test subscription can be terminated at any time during the life of DeepL or the customer. In the event that DeepL or the customer prematurely terminates the free test subscription, the free test subscription does not extend to a paid subscription. « Customer training data » refers to bilingual terms, sample documents and similar texts (unilingual or bilingual) sent by the client to the API and/or DeepL Pro Translator to improve and adapt deepL translations. You will find more details on the use of customer training data in the specialty of the services or in a separate addition to these terms and conditions of sale (if the corresponding functions are available for the use of customer training data). The license for the use of the DeepL Pro Translator is a unique user license. In the event that the customer has acquired an IP Access license, DeepL ensures that all requests to in the authorized area that will be provided by the customer are automatically forwarded to the DeepL Pro translator. In this case, there is no need to manage or register individual users and the restrictions on single-user licenses do not apply.

In addition to Section 3.1, the API: the customer uses a fraudulent, lost, stolen or blocked/unauthorized payment method; Invoices are sent exclusively in digital form as pdf files via email to the billing address indicated by the customer. If such an address is not indicated, invoices can be accessed by the customer on the site. DeepL has factual guidance on the automated use of deepL Pro Translator in accordance with Section 8.2.1, requirements and restrictions for document translation: a serious, persistent, imminent or repeated violation of these Terms and Conditions, in particular a Section 8 or API-CAT-Keys Obligation can only be used for CAT applications.

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