Sf Sublease Agreement

As a tenant of a rental unit, your landlord can allow you to sublet or sublet all or part of your apartment. If you decide to sublet, you will actually be a landlord or principal tenant to sublet the person (subtenant). Your landlord`s preferences, your lease, and national and local law determine the terms of your sublease agreement. You always have a written agreement that must be signed by you and your tenant. It should contain details about the location and how to pay the rent, who is responsible for utilities, the duration of your sublease contract and all other agreements you have made with your subtenant. This may include expectations about how your subtenant should handle your personal property, as well as other maintenance and maintenance issues. Ultimately, the contract you enter into with a subtenant must be consistent with the content of the agreement you have with your landlord. If you decide to sublet your apartment, there are a few things you should do first. In addition to subletting your landlord and the owner`s insurance for your departure, you must also take out a sublease contract. Step 3 – In point 1, activate the checkbox that best describes this type of sub-lease. If it is a fixed sublease, enter the date it is due to come into effect and the date it will end. If it is a subsan nose from month to month or week to week, enter the start date of the unterlease and the number of days it takes to end the leahesis.

Tenants with a written tenancy agreement must follow the procedures described above to obtain the landlord`s approval before having a new occupant in the unit. On the other hand, if there is no written tenancy agreement for the lease or if the sublease contract is silent and does not limit the number of inmates, a tenant is not required to obtain the landlord`s consent until he has a new occupant in the unit and the following procedures do not apply. Even if the owner has authorized the new occupant to move into the apartment, the landlord is not obligated to accept the rent directly from the new occupant or to include the new occupant in the rental agreement. On the contrary, the landlord may continue to accept the full payment of rent by one or more of the existing tenants, who are considered « primary tenants ». for the new « subtenant » resident. In general, a subtenant is a tenant who does not agree with the landlord and pays rent to a principal tenant legally considered a « lessor ». For more information on the main tenants and subtenants, see No. 154 and 157. With the exception of service animals authorized or prescribed by law, no animals (.

B poultry, fish, reptiles and/or pets of any species) may not be held on or above the premises for any period of time without prior written permission and compliance with the owner`s requirements.

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