Pa Agreement Psac

The current language is common throughout the CPA collective agreement. Extending the definition would expand the scope far beyond what is found in all other collective agreements. The negotiator did not provide sufficient justification for this proposal. The bargaining delegate proposes to « visit a terminally ill family member » in the list of circumstances for which leave must be granted. The employer argues that there is no reason to extend the provisions of this section. The leave rights currently provided in the collective agreement could be invoked for this particular circumstance. The proposal of the bargaining representative is not included in any CPA collective agreement. It should be noted that 18 of the 27 CPA collective agreements now contain the same language or language electronically, as proposed by the employer. The purpose of this memorandum is to implement an agreement between the employer and the Public Utilities Alliance of Canada (Union) to establish a system for collecting vacation expenses in union businesses.

PSAC expects the Phoenix Treasury Board to pay general damages (i.e. the $2,500 package) within the 180-day transposition period mentioned above for the collective agreement. In addition, information on how current and former members who have suffered heavy losses from the Phoenix payroll system can claim additional compensation will be provided by the Treasury Board in the coming months. We will continue to urge the government to implement these regulations effectively. The bargaining partner also strives to compel the employer to protect the privacy of the information. The employer argues that there are many policy instruments related to the protection of personal data in the workplace and that there is no need to include the corresponding language in the agreement. If a worker does not meet his obligation to appeal, as requested by his enterprise contract, a calculation has been added to ensure that the reimbursement is proportional to the compensation received by the worker during his absence. Once the result is achieved in accordance with the agreement, the result will be shared with all services that operate call centres so that they are aware of best practices that can be adapted to the different types of call centres in the system. Over the past 16 years, the media and the means to consume them have evolved. The development and accessibility of social media, the increasing globalization, the availability of 24-hour information networks, the demand for and the expectation of immediate reactions have changed the communications landscape. However, the collective agreement has not evolved to cope with this change and, as a result, the public service has not been able to fully adapt. The employer also recalls that Article 5 (the primacy of legislation) of the collective agreements pa, SV, TC and EB stipulates that the employer request that the agreement be withdrawn from the collective agreement and that it not be part of the recommendations of the ICP.

Upon the signing of the PA collective agreement, the employer commits to increasing the monthly funding of PSAC – TBS JLP by a percentage corresponding to the annual economic increase.

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