Jordan And Canada Free Trade Agreement

1. In the event of a contradiction between this Agreement and the obligations of a Contracting Party in one of the multilateral environmental agreements listed in Annex 1 to 5, that obligation shall take precedence to the extent of the opposition, to the extent that the measure taken is necessary for the performance of that obligation and is not applied in such a way that arbitrary or unjustified discrimination or disguised restriction of international trade is 1992, 1995, 1 The Parties reaffirm their determination to prevent and combat corruption and corruption in international trade. 2. In the event of denunciation of the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, either Party may unilaterally denounce in writing to the other Party to this Agreement, within sixty days. This contract ends 60 days after notification. 3. The Party acting under this Article shall provide the other Party with mutually agreed compensation for trade liberalization in the form of concessions having substantially the same trade effects or equivalent to the value of the additional duties expected to result from the measure. (b) the immediate removal of barriers to trade in goods between the Contracting Parties, in particular as regards the application of non-tariff measures; and, where appropriate, to entrust the Commission with these matters for its consideration; 2. The Parties recognise the mutual support between trade and environmental policies and the need to implement this Agreement in a manner consistent with a high level of environmental protection and conservation. 4. If the Parties fail to reach agreement on the compensation referred to in paragraph 3, the Party against whom the measure is taken may take tariff measures that have trade effects substantially equivalent to the commercial effects of the emergency measure throughout the period of validity of the emergency measure.

The Contracting Party taking the customs measure shall apply the measure only for the minimum period necessary to achieve substantially equivalent effects. (iii) in the context of the implementation of national policies or international instruments relating to the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices; or neither Party may encourage trade or investment by weakening or reducing the level of protection afforded by their environmental legislation. Accordingly, no Contracting Party may waive its environmental legislation or otherwise derogate from weakening or reducing the protection afforded by such laws with a view to promoting trade or investment. (a) customs duties on originating products provided for in category A products on the Jordanian list shall be completely abolished and shall be exempt on the date of entry into force of this Agreement; 3. The Parties shall review relevant international trade facilitation initiatives, including the Compendium of Recommendations on Trade Facilitation developed by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and the Economic Commission for Europe, with a view to identifying areas where further common measures would facilitate trade between the Parties and promote common multilateral objectives. RECOGNISING that it is inappropriate to relax environmental legislation to encourage trade and investment; (h) `royalties` means payments of any kind, including payments for technical assistance or similar agreements, made in return for the use or right to use copyright, literary, artistic or scientific works, patents, trademarks, designs, drawings, schemes, forms or secret procedures, with the exception of payments for technical assistance or similar arrangements which may be made. relate to certain services, such as.B.b) the obligation not to deviate from national environmental legislation to encourage trade or investment; 1. In order to facilitate trade under this Agreement and to cooperate in the implementation of initiatives to facilitate trade on a multilateral basis, each Party shall manage its import and export procedures for goods traded under this Agreement, on the basis, to the extent possible: RECOGNISING that enhanced cooperation between the Parties is beneficial; capable of promoting sustainable development, strengthening the environmental policy of the contracting parties and establishing international agreements on the environment; 2. . . .

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