Individual Grant Agreement

1. make available, directly or indirectly, to the persons or entities concerned funds, including goods and services, obtained under financial assistance or a covered cooperation agreement of an executive agency; or (b) cost group requirements. The overall objective of the indirect cost allocation (R&A) process is to allocate the indirect costs (R&A) described in Section B, the identification and allocation of indirect costs (R&A) among the main functions of the institution, in a ratio corresponding to the nature and extent of their use of the Institution`s resources. To achieve this objective, it may be necessary to provide for selective allocation by defining separate cost groups in one or more of the indirect cost (R&A) categories mentioned in subsection B.1. In general, the categories of costs defined in a category should in any event constitute a set of expenditure items considered to be identical as regards their contribution to the specific cost targets for which the allocation is appropriate.) Cost groups should be defined taking into account the general guides set out in subsection c of this section. Each of those pools or cost groups should then be allocated separately among the corresponding cost targets, using the most appropriate allocation basis or method in the light of the guidelines set out in subsection (d) of this section. These sections include 2 CFR 200,300 Legal and National Requirements, 200,303 Internal Controls, 200,339 Corrective Actions for Non-Compliance, and 200,341 Notices of Termination Obligation. These E.O.s advise federal granting agencies on the requirements of the Freedom of Religion Act, including the laws applicable to grants, and provide guidance for the free survey of institutions that receive federal grants. The 2 CFR revision underscores the importance of upsing to the First Amendment of the Constitution.

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