Hold Out Deposit Agreement

11. DEPOSIT/INVESTMENT ACCOUNT – Unless otherwise agreed, the Cardholder agrees to maintain a current or savings/investment account with BPI or the OFSB or one of their subsidiaries or associated companies (together the « Bank »). If the cardholder does not pay his deposit fee or an amount due and payable under the card on the due date, the amount is debited from his deposit/investment account(s), without the need for notification from BPI, i.e. an amount sufficient to be used as payment of his credit account or an amount due. when BPI presents its SOA to this bank. For this purpose, the cardholder grants BPI the full authority to debit or debit the bank from the cardholder`s current account, without notice, to an amount sufficient to pay his ANB or an amount due and payable. BPI and the Bank, its directors, officers, employees and representatives are not responsible for any liability, fees, charges and expenses resulting from a returned/disgraced cheque that has been withdrawn against the Cardholder`s deposit/investment/account with the Bank, nor for any penalties and fees that may be imposed as a result of the foregoing. If his ToB or an amount due under the card exceeds the amount debited from the cardholder`s deposit/account with the bank, this deductible is due and payable immediately and the cardholder is considered to be in arrears in his obligations to pay it. The signature of the cardholder on the application form or the cardholder and the signature of the event on the CARD or on the complementary card or on the respective use or use of the card and the complementary card constitute the agreement of the cardholder and the additional company to these general conditions and other general conditions of sale. The maximum you can ask a tenant is a weekly rent on deposit.

If you have more than one tenant and you are all jointly responsible for the rent, you should pay them the amount they all own together. Fill out an assignment instrument that serves as collateral for your credit card. Your AUB credit card limit is 80% of your deposit guarantee. (See Credit Limit and Hold-Out Grid Deposit 3. . . .

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