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Attendance days have yet to be set for June and Friday remains a useful day to get Professor Mario Milco D`Elios, Erasmus delegate, to sign the documents. 10. Can I apply for an extension of the Erasmus period? Yes, yes. To apply for renewal, it is necessary to complete the corresponding form (PDF), have it signed and stamped from the foreign headquarters and send it to the International Relations Service. The extension must be requested before the expiry of the previous deadline and can only be requested once (other changes to the period are not accepted). The extension of Erasmus status is generally still allowed, while the extension of the scholarship can only take place if the remaining funds are determined (at the end of the programme, i.e. in September). Before starting the whole procedure, especially if the student is in a place that welcomes many Florentine students or who asks for an extension during the summer months, it is advisable to ask the Erasmus office of the place of reception if places are available. In all cases, it is mandatory to return before the end of the Erasmus school year, i.e. until 30 September. The forms to be completed, the documents to be attached and the deadlines for submitting the application are clearly indicated on the pages of the field offices. For departures in the first half of the year, the deadlines are between April and June, for the second half of September and November. Instructions to complete THE LA for medical and surgical students (GUIDE) N.B.

The student himself reacts to all the consequences of the failures (including in terms of delays) that could lead to rejection by the host university. It is necessary to constantly monitor the websites of the School of Economics and the University as part of the Erasmus programme and its foreign headquarters and to regularly consult its institutional email inbox (, since all important information is sent to this address. 5. What is LEARNIG AGREEMENT and when and how to get it? If the student wishes to make changes to the apprenticeship agreement during mobility, he must contact the Erasmus delegate of the curriculum and agree on the changes made, sign the attached form (LA INN) and send it to the International Relations Service for the signing of the delegates. Study of learning contract (doc) on PC and registered in the year 2018-2019 pdf: Call (pdf) – Deadline 26 January 2018 – Extension period (pdf) – faq (pdf) – for learning agreement docande (pdf) – Student Places List – Appendix 1 (pdf) – Selection Tables (pdf) – Idenety Ranking for School: Agrarian (pdf), Architecture (pdf) ) – first parchment (pdf), Economics (pdf), Jurispruden this (pdf), Engineering (pdf), Psychology (pdf), Humanities (pdf) – Notice of retraction (pdf) – new ranking (pdf) – first scroll (pdf), Humanities and Training (pdf) – first scroll (pdf), Physics Science and of course Mathematics (pdf), Political Science (pdf) – Eligible students (pdf) After 30 days from the end of the Erasmus period, the student receives in his e-mail field the form of the individual report to be completed and postponed , as stated in the email itself. The original periodic certificate must be delivered to the Student Mobility Office (via della Pergola, 60 – Reception Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.) within 15 days of return to Italy and, in any event, no later than September 30, in the form of an Erasmus certificate, a loss-making grant and non-recognition of past examinations. If there are any problems with the delivery of the above documents within the time limit, please contact the Student Mobility Office (

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