Collective Labor Agreement Vietnam

Temptation, promises or false advertising to deceive staff, the use of placement services or the posting of workers abroad under contracts to commit illegal acts. a/ In the event of a collective dispute based on the law, any party to the dispute may request an agreement by the Chairman of the People`s Committee at the district level; Article 40. Termination of unilateral dismissal of an employment contract 2. When an older worker is employed under a new employment contract after retirement, he or she continues to enjoy the rights and interests agreed in the employment contract, in addition to the rights and benefits under the pension scheme. (2) the creation of new working conditions as a basis for the signing of the collective agreement; e/ staff failures to comply with work discipline, forms of management of breaches of work discipline and material responsibilities. c/ Take immediate corrective measures or order the cessation of the operation of machinery, equipment and workstations presenting a risk of accident at work or occupational disease. Section 147. Technical evaluation of machinery, equipment and consumables subject to strict occupational safety requirements Article 145. Rights of workers who have accidents at work or suffer occupational diseases Article 47. Responsibilities of an employer in the event of termination of employment contracts c/ at least 3 working days, for seasonal or specific employment contracts of less than 12 months, in accordance with point b, clause 1 of this Article. 1. A strike shall not result from a collective quarrel based on interests. 1.

The State encourages enterprises, agencies, organizations and individuals to seek out and expand the labour market in order to send Vietnamese workers abroad. Section 74. Signature of a global employment contract 2. Performance of employment contracts, collective agreements, internal rules and other obligations and agreements in the workplace. c/ he/she is a victim of abuse, sexual harassment or forced labour; 2. Foreign workers working in Vietnam shall respect Vietnamese labour law and treaties to which Vietnam is a party, which have other provisions and are protected by Vietnamese legislation. Unilateral termination of an employment contract is unlawful in cases that do not comply with Articles 37, 38 and 39 of this Code. Section 156. Right of pregnant workers to unilaterally terminate or postpone employment contracts 3.

The government makes available the granting of work rental licenses, the payment of deposits and the list of authorized jobs for the work lease. . . .

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